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Hundred Miles - Vicarious Ranch


February 11, 2017 @ 7:00 pm

Arts District, Los Angeles Downtown, California 90012

Chef Louis Pechan presents a seasonal meal featuring the Central Coast Mangalitsas heritage hogs of Vicarious ranch. Known as Kobe Pork, Mangalitsas are a rare Old World, "slow-growth hog and take twice as long to grow to market weight as a typical commercial hog. This results is a deep red meat with marbling throughout and a flavor like no other pork."

Learn more about them and Vicarious Ranch here:

Along with this amazing pork, this dinner will showcase a variety of wild produce foraged from the local mountains, the most delicious, local farm-raised winter produce, naturally leavened whole-grain breads, and great California wines.

To book a seat please go to :

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