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Supper Club Menu 12-15-16

We are so excited to announce Hundred Miles Supper Club! For the past 15 years Chef Louis Pechan has cooked sophisticated, farm to table food in some of the finest kitchens in Los Angeles. Now, he is bringing these same finely crafted meals to your doorstep.

Simply look over our weekly menu posted on and Facebook and Instagram @hundredmilesla by Thursday of each week and choose as many of our dishes made from local seasonal produce and responsibly raised meats in re-heatable, compostable containers (and our famous whole-grain bread!) as you and your family want. Then, call 323-508-3620 or email by Monday at 4pm for a Wednesday drop-off. No commitment. No meal-plan. Order as much or as little as you want on a weekly basis.

Welcome to Hundred Miles Supper Club!

* Ricotta Salata Salad – Organic greens, shaved fennel, watermelon radish, candy-striped beet, ricotta salata, aged balsamic vinaigrette $12

(add chicken breast $2) * Heirloom grains and hominy with roasted winter vegetables and their greens, Meyer lemon and basil sauce (vegan) $13 * Koji marinated chicken breast with whey polenta and caramelized Brussel sprouts $14 * Beef bourguignon with heirloom fingerling potatoes and mushrooms $16

* Add a loaf of our famous freshly-baked whole-grain bread for $12

* All prices include tax

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