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Hundred MIles

Hundred Miles presents home-made organic meals prepared by Chef Louis Pechan delivered right to your doorstep! Order by noon every Tuesday for contactless delivery on Thursday. New menu every week!



Chef Louis Pechan’s devotion to local produce and heirloom ingredients shape every dish. His love for foraging from the local wilderness combined with his expertise in artisan processes and his understanding of the abundant seasonal produce Los Angeles has to offer defines every menu he creates, whether a banquet for thousands or an intimate dinner. 



Host Chef for the 2015 James Beard Foundation Taste of America, Louis Pechan, will share his special talents for menu design and picture-perfect presentation developed during his career. Join us for an interactive culinary journey through some classic cuisine, revealing artisanal secrets from a master craftsman.  He will share personal recipes and his expertise, answer questions and entertain along the way! 


Create your own team bonding venture or reward a high profile client with a fun virtual night!  Chef Louis will guide your team how to create their own gourmet experience at home. In this interactive class, you get to ask those questions in real time, as you prepare your own meal alongside an eminent chef.  Learn secrets, tips & tricks that will give you restaurant quality results in your own kitchen!

About Us

HUNDRED MILES is dedicated to local ingredients.  Los Angeles started as orchards and farm land , and our rich Southern California heritage continues to thrive in our local Farmers Markets and on the very land we live.  Chef Louis Pechan's passion is for translating this history into a vibrant, supportable culinary future for our community. 

For us, creating a loaf of bread from scratch is about taking heirloom whole grain wheat from local mills, using yeast that is extracted from local flora, and creating bread with ingredients that are as carefully and expertly crafted as the loaf itself. Each ingredient builds on the next.
We create our own vinegars from wild yeasts, our own pickles, sauerkraut, and fermented vegetables, our own stocks and sauces, and our own pastas from locally foraged and farmed sources.

Chef Pechan

Chef Louis Pechan has a driving passion for food and for the ingredients that go into the food he cooks that stems from a childhood filled with fresh bread, noodles and the ethnic specialties of a doting grandma. He developed his signature seasonal cuisine while working in some of the finest restaurants in California along with his talent for menu design and picture perfect presentation. He was the Host Chef for the 2015 JAMES BEARD FOUNDATION TASTE AMERICA and has hosted many of Los Angeles’ most prestigious events. His devotion to local produce and artisanal ingredients, as well as a love for foraging wild ingredients from the local wilderness, shines through in every meal he creates.


Our passion for food encompasses your entire dining experience. The same love, expertise and knowledge that forges our artisan cuisine defines our unparalleled and sophisticated service. From land to plate, we are driven by taste.

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